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Dr. John Ioannidis: “The Biggest Mistakes I am Sure Are Mine.”

Part 3: Dr. John Ioannidis said his biggest mistake was the he "underestimated how much power politics and media and powers outside of science, could have on science." Really? 

/ April 19, 2024

UK’s Phased Smoking Ban

UK MPs have just passed the Tobacco and Vapes Bill by a 383 to 67 vote. If the measure becomes law it will ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after January 1, 2009. This is not just an age limit – this is a permanent phased ban. If the law passes and stands, anyone born after that date will...

/ April 17, 2024

Dr. Vinay Prasad: It’s “Good” That Parents Who Want To Vaccinate Their Kids Against COVID Get Reported To Child Protective Services

Trying to limit pediatric COVID was literally the pandemic's worst sin for pro-infection doctors, warranting severe punishment. This is how desperately they wanted them infected.

/ April 14, 2024

New Study Finds No Link Between Autism and Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy

A new study designed to better account for hidden confounding factors has found no link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and the risk of neurodevelopmental conditions in childhood.

/ April 12, 2024

Every Time Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Talks About COVID, He Proves He Was Totally Wrong About COVID

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya March 2020: "If it’s true that the novel coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines, then the extraordinary measures being carried out in cities and states around the country are surely justified."

/ April 7, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 15 minus 1

For those more observant than a semi-senile old man, I cut and pasted the wrong text this morning. Now updated. Good thing I am retired.

/ April 6, 2024

The Failed “We Want Them Infected” Movement Is Trying to Rebrand Itself As The “All We Really Wanted Was Poor Kids in School” Movement.

Part 2: In 2020, pro-infection doctors said "It’s fantastic news that we have a lot of cases." Today, they performatively lament "learning loss for children, especially in poor families". What happened to their assurances that the mass infection of unvaccinated youth will rapidly lead to herd immunity?

/ April 5, 2024
Alex Jones

The Truth vs. Alex Jones: How the DSHEA of 1994 gave conspiracy mongers the means to fund their empires

As the HBO documentary The Truth vs. Alex Jones shows, Alex Jones promoted the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax to sell his supplement line. It's a model that many Internet conspiracy theorists use, like Mike Adams. Did the DSHEA help create Alex Jones and the modern conspiracy industry?

/ April 1, 2024

Dr. Marty Makary: “We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April” & “It’s Okay To Have an Incorrect Scientific Hypothesis. But When New Data Proves It Wrong, You Have To Adapt.”

Part 1: Doctors who said the pandemic ended 3-years ago now have the audacity to lament the "damaged public trust in the medical profession."

/ March 31, 2024

COVID-19 Vaccination Significantly Reduces Risk of Severe Inflammatory Syndrome in Kids

A new analysis of 2023 MIS-C cases reveals that the COVID-19 vaccine significantly reduces the risk of this dreaded complication.

/ March 29, 2024