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Will Your Tattoo Give You Cancer: Probably Not…but Maybe?

Do tattoos cause lymphoma? A new study that says "maybe?" is making the rounds but I wouldn't worry too much.

/ June 21, 2024

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: “An Infection Is A Severe Problem For Older Populations, and Also For People Who Have Certain Chronic Conditions. For Younger Populations Under 70, It’s Much Milder.”

A doctor who actually treated COVID patients said at the start of the pandemic, "Just because they are young doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable."

/ June 14, 2024
Cancer cells

Forget “turbo cancers” caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Does COVID itself cause cancer?

The Washington Post recently published an article asking if COVID-19 infection can cause cancer. Probably not, but cancer caused by a virus is more more plausible than "turbo cancer" caused by the vaccine.

/ June 10, 2024
WIV lab leak

The New York Times promotes “lab leak” conspiracy theories

Last week, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Alina Chan, Queen of lab leak conspiracy theories and then gave it a prominent place in its Sunday Magazine this weekend. How is it wrong? Let me count the ways.

/ June 10, 2024

“This Thing Has Killed Less Than Or About As Many As Flu Would Kill In A Normal Year In Kids, I Say Hardly Any” & “80-Year-Olds, Their Time To Death In General Is Not That Long.”

If were are supposed to be indifferent to the deaths of young people because "hardly any" died, and we are supposed to be indifferent to the deaths of older people because "their time to death in general is not that long," which of the 1.1 million COVID deaths should we care about?

/ June 9, 2024

Pertussis Cases are Rising Sharply in 2024

As the pandemic "winds down", cases of whooping cough are on the rise in dramatic fashion.

/ June 7, 2024

What’s So “Wonderful!” About an Article That Provoked Hateful Revenge Fantasies Against Frontline Doctors and Public Health Officials?

"May he be forever riddled with guilt. May he suffer the loss of a loved one in the same manner. May he die alone."

/ May 31, 2024
conspiracy theory

The ultimate COVID-19 antivax conspiracy theory, courtesy of the Brownstone Institute and Jeffrey Tucker

I've long argued that antivax beliefs, indeed all science denial, is conspiracy theory. Leave it to The Brownstone Institute's Jeffery Tucker to make my point better for me than I ever could. Of course, Brownstone was always going to "go there."

/ May 27, 2024

More Newborns are Being Diagnosed With Syphilis as Adult Cases Continue Dramatic Rise

With more pregnant women being diagnosed with syphilis, there has been a steady rise in potentially deadly congenital infections.

/ May 24, 2024

Bird is the Word

Something H5N1 this way comes. Perhaps.

/ May 21, 2024