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Verbicide: Language as a Pandemic Casualty

Natural infection is getting infected. It's like water and H20.  It's amazing that a doctor is trying to convince us otherwise.

/ March 28, 2023

Medical “Conservatives” Are Medical Radicals

Any doctor who pushes for the repeated mass infection of unvaccinated babies and toddlers with a novel, mutating virus, when an effective vaccine is available, is a medical radical.

/ March 24, 2023

Part of a Complete Breakfast

Infection control. When one adheres to compliance it is effective. Like masks and COVID 45.

/ March 21, 2023

Silent Silenced Doctors

The healthcare workers who died from COVID have been silenced. 

/ March 14, 2023

The Smoke Alarm Fallacy

The fact that we did a decent job of protecting children at the start of the pandemic was used to claim that children didn't need protection at all. That's farcical.

/ March 10, 2023

Science Based Satire: We Should Repeatedly Expose Unvaccinated Children to a Novel Virus That Came From a Lab in China.

Recent revelations have confirmed what many of us knew all along-  COVID came from a lab in China.  I am agnostic as to whether it was created as a bioweapon or it emerged from a simple, but devastating error. Either way, China is trying to absolve themselves of all responsibility for unleashing this deadly virus around the world. Thanks to their actions,...

/ March 5, 2023

Pertussis Vaccine During Pregnancy Protects Vulnerable Newborns

Getting a dose of pertussis vaccine during every pregnancy is a strategy that has prevented severe disease in thousands of young infants over the past decade, and saved hundreds of sweet little baby lives. The evidence is clear, but not everyone who is eligible is receiving the recommended dose.

/ March 3, 2023
Andrew Wakefield.

Andrew Wakefield after 25 years: Paving the way for COVID-19 quacks and antivaxxers

It was 25 years ago yesterday that Andrew Wakefield launched the modern iteration of the antivaccine movement.In doing so, he laid down a template that antivax quacks today still follow.

/ February 27, 2023

Do You Have Coronaphobiaphobia? Ask Your Doctor if Notmybizumab is Right for You.

Are you a doctor who has written multiple articles saying “now is the time to stop living in fear?” Did you say cautious people were not “truly not actually living right now“, months before anyone had been vaccinated? Are you engulfed with white hot rage by the handful of people who still wear masks in crowds? Have you relentlessly mocked them on...

/ February 24, 2023

Vibrating Pills for Constipation: Safe and Effective or Bowel-Shaking Earthquakes of Doubt and Remorse*

A vibrating pill designed to treat chronic constipation is now available by prescription. It will likely help some people, and it's safe, but it isn't a game changer.

/ February 17, 2023