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The Great Barrington Declaration Wasn’t a Plan For Public Health Officials. It Was a List of Absurd Demands of Them.

The authors of the GBD advised and influenced many politicians at the highest level. They claim to have delineated many practical policies to protect the vulnerable, and they said it would’ve been possible, certainly. So an obvious question emerges. Why didn’t they protect the vulnerable?

/ February 23, 2024
Whole body MRI

False balance in an NBC news story on whole body MRI scans

Over the weekend, NBC News aired a story on whole body MRI scans. Although it did include the usual cautions about false positives and the harm they cause, the caution was diluted by the story's focus a rare case of a woman who had a brain tumor detected. Overall, it was false balance that reminded me of vaccine/autism stories 20 years ago.

/ February 19, 2024

Science Based Satire: Sure, COVID Is Killing 1,500 Americans Per Week, But I Saw a Stranger Wearing a Mask…OUTSIDE!

We shouldn't "give a shit" about COVID. Instead, we should care deeply about strangers who still "give a shit" about COVID. They need to be publicly mocked and shamed over and over again.

/ February 18, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub: Cholera. Chapter 10a

When I woke up the next morning, I went for my usual tea and scone. Then I caught the trolley to work. When it reached the far side of the Steel Bridge, I hopped off. I took the steps down to the lower level and took the narrow walking path back across the river. I saw no one get off the trolley...

/ February 17, 2024

Music for Reducing Pain in Newborns

Newborns are exposed to painful procedures for good reason every day. Treating pain is important in this population, and music might play a role. At least it definitely won't hurt.

/ February 16, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 9b

“You are here early,” he said. “Yeah. I’m trying to decide what to do about this pump and the seawater cure. So far, my attempts are falling flat.” I told him about the couple pumping water and my lack of success in stopping them from taking the water home. “No surprise,” said Bonham. “Water is supposed to be as safe as mothers”...

/ February 10, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 8b

It's the pump! But you knew that.

/ January 27, 2024

Dr. Adam Cifu: “We Now Need to Accept That This is Here to Get Infected With Again and Again.”

If Dr. Adam Cifu were genuinely concerned about vaccine hesitancy, I would strongly encourage him to learn about the anti-vaccine movement. He'll discover that it is fueled not by a lack of "robust data" on COVID boosters, but rather by exactly the sort of mistrust and anti-vaccine misinformation spread by his own blog and collaborators.

/ January 20, 2024
Black mold

Black mold is the new Candida

How concerned should we be about mold in our homes and environment?

/ January 18, 2024

Hospital Measures Prevented COVID Transmission

A new study finds that hospital measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 worked, and we probably should keep them.

/ January 17, 2024