Month: September 2023

A Nice Chat with The Infant Feeding Alliance on Breastfeeding Promotion Pitfalls

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ruth Harpur from the Infant Feeding Alliance for a nice chat about problems with aggressive breastfeeding promotion.

/ September 29, 2023

Decongestant doesn’t work, concludes FDA advisory committee

An FDA advisory committee has concluded that phenylephrine, a popular decongestant in cough and cold remedies, is ineffective.

/ September 28, 2023

The Food Is Medicine (FIM) Movement

Optimal nutrition can be a highly cost-effective, even net positive, government program.

/ September 27, 2023

Health misinformation now has powerful allies

Misinformation and conspiracy theories about health had long been a growing problem before the pandemic, but it took COVID-19 to get the government and researchers to take it seriously. Now, a new report in The Washington Post adds to previous reporting from multiple sources describing how allies of misinformation—and not just health misinformation—are striking back under the guise of defending "free speech."

/ September 25, 2023

Part 1: “Don’t Minimize Myocarditis From The Vaccine”, By the Author of “Don’t Fear Literal Death From COVID”.

Once a doctor has minimized *literal death*, how can we take them seriously when they scold us for minimizing something not as severe as, say, *literal death*?

/ September 24, 2023

Doctors on Measles: “NEVER Listen to the Anti-Vax Cult When They Say This ‘Natural’ Disease is Harmless”. Doctors on COVID: 😂

Measles and COVID are different, of course, but they are not categorically different. With both viruses, unvaccinated children suffer the most. Yet, doctors who rightly said "measles can be a devastating childhood illness" also said it was "breathless fear-mongering" to acknowledge that COVID can also be a devastating childhood illness.

/ September 22, 2023

Why Is American Healthcare So Expensive?

It's not as complicated as you may think.

/ September 20, 2023

Spontaneous Human Combustion. A Sort of Narrative Review.

Burning Man. It is more than a rained out festival in the desert.

/ September 19, 2023

Cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski continues to prey on cancer patients in 2023

This year, cancer quack Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski turned 80. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be slowing down charging patients with advanced cancer huge sums for false hope.

/ September 18, 2023

Did a Spicy Social Media Challenge Kill a Massachusetts Teen?

Did an absurdly spicy chip and a social media challenge kill a Massachusetts teen? His family sure thinks so, and it is possible. But skepticism is appropriate unless further details emerge. Still, these chips aren't for kids.

/ September 15, 2023