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“Panel stacking”: John Ioannidis versus a Delphi consensus statement on COVID-19

My former science idol John Ioannidis has published a paper citing a Delphi consensus statement on COVID-19 as evidence that the scientific community is "biased" against his anti-"lockdown" pro-virus views. His descent continues apace.

/ June 24, 2024
New York Times

Why is The New York Times now promoting an anti-science agenda?

This essay stems from concerns about two editorials published in The New York Times recently. We felt that they were problematic in that the past is viewed through a blurred prism to produce revisionist history. By John P. Moore and Gregg Gonsalves.

, / June 22, 2024

The Decaf Wars

We can add decaffeinated (decaf) products to the list of things you probably shouldn’t worry about but someone wants to make you worry anyway. You may have read recently that some decaf coffee and tea brands have “chemicals” in them that may be a health risk. The real story, as you might imagine, is more complicated. The cause of the recent headlines...

/ June 19, 2024

Khat and Muguka Use in East Africa

Many countries (such as Kenya’s recent regulatory changes regarding Muguka use) are struggling with the dilemma of how to regulate drug use by its citizens. There are many psychoactive drugs (we seem to be good at discovering them) with a variety of effects. Often there may be subjectively desirable effects in the short term, but long term addiction, the potential for withdrawal,...

/ May 29, 2024

The Health Costs of Fossil Fuel

Imagine if we could save over 8 million lives per year globally through public policy. Many of these preventable deaths are in younger people and fall disproportionately on the poor and disadvantaged. This is the estimate of a recent observational and modelling study on the effects of air pollution (fine particulate and ozone pollution). Of these death, over 5 million could be...

/ May 22, 2024

UK’s Phased Smoking Ban

UK MPs have just passed the Tobacco and Vapes Bill by a 383 to 67 vote. If the measure becomes law it will ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after January 1, 2009. This is not just an age limit – this is a permanent phased ban. If the law passes and stands, anyone born after that date will...

/ April 17, 2024

Dr. Vinay Prasad vs. a VAERS study finding more reports of vaccine injury in red states

Dr. Vinay Prasad attacks an epidemiological study published in JAMA Open Network reporting that people in red states are more likely to report vaccine injuries, claiming that a more rigorous study would "not be difficult," when he knows that it would be very difficult.

/ April 8, 2024

Sweetened Drinks and Risk of A-Fib

Yet again the public is being subjected to warnings about the potential health risks of consuming a common food item based upon insufficient evidence. Last month it was oat products, and now it’s sweetened drinks. The study is a prospective cohort study, which means it is observational. The researchers looked at over 200 thousand participants in the UK biobank. At the start...

/ March 27, 2024

Pesticide in Oat Products – Should You Worry?

You know the rule about headlines - if there is a question in a headline the answer is almost always "no". This article is no exception.

/ February 21, 2024
Antivax docs

Yet more evidence that we physicians need to clean up our act

A recent study found that physicians and scientists who are perceived as "experts" are prevalent within the antivax community and more influential because of their status as physicians and scientists. Why do physicians continue to tolerate antivax quacks within our ranks?

/ February 12, 2024