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I’ve Been Silenced, Censored, and Cancelled. The Reason Why Matters.

When conference organizers told me not to make my talk "political", they were really saying there were certain people and ideas I wasn't allowed to criticize. I didn't get it at the time. I get it now.

/ June 16, 2024

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: “An Infection Is A Severe Problem For Older Populations, and Also For People Who Have Certain Chronic Conditions. For Younger Populations Under 70, It’s Much Milder.”

A doctor who actually treated COVID patients said at the start of the pandemic, "Just because they are young doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable."

/ June 14, 2024

“This Thing Has Killed Less Than Or About As Many As Flu Would Kill In A Normal Year In Kids, I Say Hardly Any” & “80-Year-Olds, Their Time To Death In General Is Not That Long.”

If were are supposed to be indifferent to the deaths of young people because "hardly any" died, and we are supposed to be indifferent to the deaths of older people because "their time to death in general is not that long," which of the 1.1 million COVID deaths should we care about?

/ June 9, 2024

What’s So “Wonderful!” About an Article That Provoked Hateful Revenge Fantasies Against Frontline Doctors and Public Health Officials?

"May he be forever riddled with guilt. May he suffer the loss of a loved one in the same manner. May he die alone."

/ May 31, 2024

Pro-Infection Doctors Didn’t Just Want Kids in School. They Wanted Them There Unvaccinated, Untested, and Unmasked. They Wanted Them Infected.

The virus massively disrupted schools around the world, and those of us who did nothing more than acknowledge this obvious reality were absurdly blamed for it.

/ May 17, 2024

Dr. Vinay Prasad Pretends to Admit Error: I Was Optimistic That Vaccination Would Halt the Spread of the Virus—I Was Wrong. 

While admitting error is never easy and should always be applauded, the first step is to honestly admit error.

/ May 11, 2024

Dr. Jeffrey Flier: Those Who Express Different Views on Health Equity Should Be Demonized, Not Heard

Perhaps if sheltered doctors cared more about health inequities, they wouldn't have treated a dangerous virus as nothing more than topic for an abstract, salon-style debate.

/ May 7, 2024

Science Based Satire: BOMBSHELL NEWS!!! The Virus I Told You Not to Worry About and Worked to Infect You With… CAME FROM A LAB!!!

"Last year, @WashburneAlex made a bombshell prediction supporting the lab leak theory. New documents released yesterday confirm his prediction." - Dr. Jay Bhattacharya January 2024

/ April 21, 2024