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Mark Crislip, MD has been a practicing Infectious Disease specialist in Portland, Oregon, from 1990 to 2023. He has been voted a US News and World Report best US doctor, best ID doctor in Portland Magazine multiple times, has multiple teaching awards and, most importantly,  the ‘Attending Most Likely To Tell It Like It Is’ by the medical residents at his hospital. His multi-media empire can be found at


TCPM Tongue diagnosis. Garbage in, garbage out.

/ April 16, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Epilogue

I felt remarkably well when I awoke despite the previous night’s beer. I was a little thirsty, and my mouth felt like I brushed my teeth with a toilet brush. I took a long shower and took my time getting ready for work. I bought a scone and tea on my way to the trolley and picked up a newspaper. For the...

/ April 13, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 15 minus 1

For those more observant than a semi-senile old man, I cut and pasted the wrong text this morning. Now updated. Good thing I am retired.

/ April 6, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 13

Saturday. Just another workday when the Cholera is flowing. I woke early, at 6 a.m., and went to the office before anyone else. On the way, I went to the grocer’s and bought some supplies. I started, as usual, in the cubby room, and I was happy to see that as of yesterday that cases of the Cholera were staying down: there were...

/ March 30, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 12b

I did not bother going back to the office but decided to wander over the sisters to see if they had anything new from their research. I took a trolley to Southeast and hopped off early. It was a beautiful summer day, and it would do me good to walk. It was a pretty neighborhood with many trees and well-kept gardens. I...

/ March 23, 2024

Best Hospital Eye Roll

Science: Figuring things out is better than making things up. A tee shirt I recently saw. Except… In a recent post Mayo Clinic Promotes Reiki, Steve seemed surprised that the Mayo was offering Reiki. I don’t know. Maybe he was channeling Louie. I know the Mayo is a top hospital, but I trained in Minneapolis at Hennepin County and we would have...

/ March 19, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 12a

I slept like a rock, no dreams that I could remember, and upon awakening, the ball of anxiety that had been my constant companion was gone. I tried to get it back by thinking of all the unpleasant things that might happen in the next few days. Nothing. I felt good. Acceptance is the final stage of dying, so I must, at...

/ March 16, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. 11b

I hopped the trolley to Kenton to spend the afternoon helping Susan with the quarantine. After I got off the trolley, I purchased thirty of the Extra Editions and handed them out to the families of the Cholera victims. Mostly because I wanted people to know about the seawater treatment, I figured that word about the pump water would spread quickly, and...

/ March 9, 2024

Skeptics in Pub. Cholera. Chapter 11a

The morning started too early. For some reason, I snapped awake just before sunrise and could not fall back to sleep. Probably that ball of guilt in the pit of my stomach. I suspected it is a minor example of what a condemned man feels on the morning of his execution. I lay in bed and stared thoughtlessly at the ceiling waiting...

/ March 2, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 10b

A young woman was waiting at the pump. She introduced herself as Amy Blogg, an Illustrator for the River Weekly. She quickly let us know that she had been briefed by Mrs. Howitt. I demonstrated the workings of the microscope on a blade of grass and an ant. It was met with the usual expressions of amazement by first-timer users. If I...

/ February 24, 2024