Category: Science and Medicine

Contrarian Doctors, The Pandemic is Over Again, Again

I predicted last year that contrarian doctor would continue to say "the pandemic is over". How did this prediction hold up?

/ August 21, 2022

Chiropractic for Pediatric Seizures: Marketing in the Form of a Case Report

Here we are again with yet another case report full of limitations but making bold claims regarding chiropractic care of children with real medical conditions.

/ August 19, 2022

The Alternative to Vaccinating Children Isn’t Just “Not Vaccinating” Them

It's putting them on an inevitable collision course with the virus—without any protection from the vaccine.

/ August 17, 2022

Advice and Encouragement for the “Urgency of Normal” Team

Reasonable people won't believe things are normal until you stop talking about COVID.

/ August 14, 2022

COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis: another preprint

A preprint from Thailand gives us more information about vaccine-associated myocarditis in younger people, but should not be weaponized by antivaccine activists as a reason to avoid vaccination against COVID-19.

/ August 13, 2022

Can COVID Vaccines Travel in Space and Time?

Are COVID vaccines to blame for the return of polio?

/ August 12, 2022

Science Based Satire: We Need Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials of SARS-CoV-2

Before we make any more decisions regarding SARS-CoV-2, we urgently need to conduct large, long-term RCTs of it. I am astonished this is controversial in the medical community.

/ August 6, 2022

More False Hope for People with Tourette Syndrome

After a few years off, this is the third and final installment in a long-running series of posts tackling the claims made by proponents of an oral appliance for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

/ August 5, 2022

Polio’s Resurgence

Surely we can keep iron lungs relegated to museums, can't we?

/ August 4, 2022