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Letter to a Medical Student: There Is No Elite RCT Strike Force

None of us have to fantasize what we would have done during a pandemic. What you actually did the past three years is exactly what you would have done.

/ May 5, 2023
Study flow

Retracted papers about COVID-19 are more highly cited than they should be

Earlier this month a study showed that papers about COVID-19 that are retracted tend to be cited far more than average and continue to be heavily cited after retraction. Clearly, scientific publishing and the scientific community need to do better.

/ May 1, 2023

Children and COVID-19: A Few Facts and Figures from the Pandemic’s First Three Years

After three solid years of the pandemic, here is an admittedly incomplete rundown of how it has affected children in the United States.

/ April 28, 2023

It Was Misinformation When I Said Vaccines Are 100% Effective at Preventing Bad Outcomes & Will End the Pandemic

In 2019, Drs. John Mandrola, Adam Cifu, Vinay Prasad, and Andrew Foy wrote an article titled The Case for Being a Medical Conservative. They wrote that the “choice of the term ‘medical conservative’ does not imply a political philosophy.”  Instead, they recognized “that many developments promoted as medical advances offer, at best, marginal benefits”.  The crux of their article was that: The medical...

/ April 25, 2023 Repackaging an old narrative about conventional medicine versus alternative medicine for COVID-19

Quacks claim that medicine, not the disease, kills, with their nostrums as the cure. shows that victims and their families are often their best spokespeople because they are so sympathetic and questioning their testimonials is easily portrayed as attacking very sympathetic victims. Cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski used to do this, weaponizing his patients against any critics and using them as foot...

/ April 24, 2023

“We Want Them Infected” – My Book is Done!

Prior to the pandemic, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security ranked the U.S. as the first out of 195 countries on their pandemic preparedness. What went wrong?

/ April 21, 2023

Acupuncture Myths

Utilizing an evidence-based approach to evaluate acupuncture myths? Mmmmm. Not so much.

/ April 18, 2023

A Phony Invitation for “Discussion and Debate”

Phony calls for "discussion and debate" about vaccinating children create the illusion that discussion and debate hasn't already occurred.

/ April 16, 2023

Lithium in Tap Water Probably Doesn’t Cause Autism

A recent study found an association between lithium in tap water and a diagnosis of autism in Danish children. Is it time to turn off the tap and grab the bottled water? Not so fast.

/ April 14, 2023

TikTok driving chlorophyll supplement fad

#chlorophyll is latest supplement trending on TikTok.

/ April 13, 2023