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Doctors Shouldn’t Legitimize Pro-Tobacco, Child-Labor Advocates

As the adage says: "A man is judged by the company he keeps."

/ December 29, 2023

From the Vault: Infant Teething Myths and Misconceptions

Enjoy this classic post from the vault as we close out 2023. A few myths and misconceptions about infant teething.

/ December 22, 2023
John Maddox Prize

When a “gender critical” is a runner-up for the Maddox Prize for standing up for science…

Helen Joyce, a virulently anti-trans "gender critical" campaigner, was recently shortlisted for the Maddox Prize, which purports to recognize people who "who stand up for science and evidence, advancing public discussion around difficult topics despite challenges or hostility," even though she promotes an agenda that denies science and demonizes trans people. How could this have happened?

/ December 17, 2023

Dr. Scott Atlas: “To Me, It’s Unconscionable When a Society Uses its Children as Shields for Adults.” 

Does Dr. Scott Atlas *really* believe it's unconscionable when a society uses its children as shields for adults?

/ December 15, 2023
Frameshift mutation

Do mRNA vaccines produce harmful “junk proteins” that “gunk up” the cell and cause unintended “off-target” immune responses?

A new study is making the rounds in the antivax crankosphere. The study found that the modified mRNA used in the Pfizer vaccine can cause a frame shift (to be explained) that results in the production of proteins besides the intended spike protein. The findings are, as you probably guessed, a big nothingburger compared to how they are being spun.

/ December 11, 2023

RSV Season is Here, So Where is Our Beyfortus?

RSV season is here. So far it's better than last year, which was the absolute worst, but it should have been much better. The roll out of a safe and effective drug that dramatically reduces risk of severe disease was botched, and we still don't know why it happened.

/ December 8, 2023
Steve Kirsch ad

Steve Kirsch’s “mother of all revelations” about the “deadliness” of COVID-19 vaccines goes poof

On Thursday, Steve Kirsch gave his long-hyped talk about "record-level data" from New Zealand that supposedly demonstrates that COVID-19 vaccines have killed more than 10 million people worldwide. His "analysis" of illegally obtained data from a "whistleblower" was so ridden with false assumptions and rookie errors that even some antivaxxers couldn't accept it.

/ December 4, 2023

The People Can Decide the Best Policy, Only If They Have the Best Information

Doctors who prioritized politics over being a "neutral judge" failed to provide the best information.

/ December 3, 2023

Medical Conservatives: Mixing Politics and Medicine is a Bad Idea, If I Disagree with Your Politics

"I used to think medicine could be separated from politics.  Gosh.  That was super dumb."

/ December 1, 2023