Editorial staff and contributors at Science-Based Medicine are physicians and other professionals who are alarmed at the manner in which unscientific and pseudoscientific health care ideas have increasingly infiltrated academic medicine and medicine at large. Our goal is to examine these claims in the light of science and skepticism. We believe that the best medicine is based on scientific principles — considering plausibility, for instance, and not just evidence. See About Science-Based Medicine.

SBM is a completely independent endeavor. We receive no industry funding and have no financial conflicts of interest. Our only goal is to promote high standards of science in medicine.

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Regular contributors

The core group of SBM contributors, each of whom either posts at least once every two weeks. Several of the regular contributors are also on the editorial staff.

Other contributors

In addition to our editors and regular bloggers, we have many other contributors who post here less regularly, and provide invaluable additional comments, feedback, and specialized knowledge from their fields, or help out in specific ways.

  • Brennen McKenzie, MA, VMD
  • John M. Snyder, MD
  • James Coyne, PhD
  • Ben Kavoussi, MS, MSOM, LAc
  • Linda Rosa, RN
  • Lorne Trottier, CM
  • David Weinberg, MD
  • Steve Hendry, BSc DDS FAGD
  • Sam Homola, DC
  • Igor Bussel, BS, MS
  • Jim Dougherty, MD, MPH, Brig Gen USAF (ret)
  • Olle Kjellin, MD, PhD
  • Andrey Pavlov, MD student
  • Grant Ritchey, DDS

In memoriam

Sadly, even skeptics do not last forever – but hopefully their ideas and contributions can live on here.

Honor Roll of past contributors

The special guest contributors or past contributors haven’t made an appearance in over a year.

Other kinds of contributors

The assistance of several dedicated volunteers has been vital to the success and growth of SBM over the last few years:

Paul Ingraham, Assistant Editor, helped manage the site from 2010 to 2016, assisting contributors with editing, layout, and the “mechanics” of blogging, plus many other administrative and technical chores. He is a Vancouver science journalist focused on science-based physical therapy for common problems like muscle pain and repetitive strain injuries. Paul retired in 2016, but still helps out when tapped for his invaluable advice.

Bobby Hannum, a New York medical student, is our social media manager. Our busy Twitter account and Facebook page are entirely his doing: he reads nearly everything we publish, and posts about it, and has been doing so with amazing consistency since early 2013. As if that and medical school weren’t enough, he’s also available for odd jobs at the drop of a hat.

Finally, we have several dedicated and diligent proof-readerers proofreaders who wishes wish to remain anonymous. However, they’ll appreciate the nod here: our heartfelt thanks for all the edits, Anonymous Editors!


  • Founder and currently Executive Editor of Science-Based Medicine Steven Novella, MD is an academic clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine. He is also the host and producer of the popular weekly science podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, and the author of the NeuroLogicaBlog, a daily blog that covers news and issues in neuroscience, but also general science, scientific skepticism, philosophy of science, critical thinking, and the intersection of science with the media and society. Dr. Novella also has produced two courses with The Great Courses, and published a book on critical thinking - also called The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.