Month: April 2024

EDTA structure. Chelation

We finally learn from TACT2 what we should have known two decades ago: Chelation therapy doesn’t work for heart disease

At SBM, we've long argued that chelation therapy for heart disease is quackery. An abstract presented recently finally confirmed that. Why did it take so long?

/ April 29, 2024

Science-Based Satire: More Parents Turn to Kinesiology Diapers for Fussy Infants

Are parents really turning to diapers made using kinesiology tape to help their fussy babies? Of course not. That would be incredibly silly, and profitable. This is satire.

/ April 26, 2024
Ice bath

Cold Water Immersion Not Always Beneficial

Two papers look at the effects of cold water immersion after exercise, with mixed results.

/ April 25, 2024

Don’t Blame the Patient

When patients are diagnosed with cancer, or a terminal illness of any kind, they report that there are a couple of near universal reactions by the people around them. First, everyone has advice for them. Everyone thinks they know what caused their illness and what will cure it. The floodgates of free advice and misinformation open. Everyone also wants them to stay...

/ April 24, 2024
Turbo cancer?

COVID-19 vaccine-caused “turbo cancer” nonsense just keeps getting more turbocharged

No matter how implausible it is or how weak the evidence for it is, the myth that COVID vaccines cause "turbo cancer" just won't die. Quite the contrary, alas. Antivaxxers are—dare I say?—turbocharging it with bad science.

/ April 22, 2024

Science Based Satire: BOMBSHELL NEWS!!! The Virus I Told You Not to Worry About and Worked to Infect You With… CAME FROM A LAB!!!

"Last year, @WashburneAlex made a bombshell prediction supporting the lab leak theory. New documents released yesterday confirm his prediction." - Dr. Jay Bhattacharya January 2024

/ April 21, 2024

Dr. John Ioannidis: “The Biggest Mistakes I am Sure Are Mine.”

Part 3: Dr. John Ioannidis said his biggest mistake was the he "underestimated how much power politics and media and powers outside of science, could have on science." Really? 

/ April 19, 2024

UK’s Phased Smoking Ban

UK MPs have just passed the Tobacco and Vapes Bill by a 383 to 67 vote. If the measure becomes law it will ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after January 1, 2009. This is not just an age limit – this is a permanent phased ban. If the law passes and stands, anyone born after that date will...

/ April 17, 2024


TCPM Tongue diagnosis. Garbage in, garbage out.

/ April 16, 2024