This section of Science-Based Medicine is dedicated to reference resources for major topics and issues relevant to science and medicine. For each topic we will give a concise overview followed by an index of SBM posts on the topic, and key outside resources. We will also list important peer-reviewed research relating to the topic with a brief description of the findings.

This is meant as a resource for the public, for health care professionals, writers, journalists and other members of the media.

Please be patient as we build this resource. Each entry will be an open-ended work in progress that we will try to keep as up-to-date as possible.

Reference pages

Planned & coming as soon as possible

Which could be a while. Like most idealistic volunteer-powered projects, we struggle to do accomplish all that we’d like. Someday we hope to have the following reference pages available as well:

  • Academics
  • Cancer cures
  • Chelation
  • Chinese medicine
  • Critical thinking
  • Herbs & supplements
  • Laws & politics
  • Media & CAM
  • Naturopathy
  • Placebo


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