Month: August 2023


Are “keto supplements” necessary?

A closer look at the science supporting beta hydroxybutyrate supplements

/ August 31, 2023

Summer COVID Wave

COVID is still here, happily mutating, and we need to adapt to this new reality.

/ August 30, 2023

Quoth quacks, “The medical consensus has changed before, making my quackery science!”

Brave maverick doctors (i.e., quacks) have long tried to portray themselves as "innovators" challenging an ossified medical consensus for the good of patients. This tradition continues among COVID-19 quacks, in particular the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and its founders.

/ August 28, 2023

Vulnerable Children Really Count

Why were misinformation doctors so eager to spread the easily-refutable myth that "no healthy child" had died of COVID?

/ August 25, 2023

Update on Dr. AI

Studies have found large language model AIs to have impressive medical knowledge, but they are not quite there yet.

/ August 23, 2023
Traditional medicine

The World Health Organization promotes quackery yet again

The World Health Organization held the First WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit this weekend. Unfortunately, its claims of being "evidence-based" aside, the conference followed the WHO's usual pattern of serving as propaganda, not science. The summit was one-sided, organized by believers with the only speakers being believers, to promote a predetermined policy goal of promoting traditional medicine and justify "integrating" it with...

/ August 21, 2023

Nirsevimab is Great News for Infants, Caregivers, and Exhausted Pediatricians

RSV is a terrible infection that puts thousands of kids in the hospital every year and can be deadly. We will soon have a safe and effective way to prevent many of these severe cases, but it won't be easy to get shots into arms this season.

/ August 18, 2023

Examining COVID-19 misinformation propagated by US physicians

A new paper documents COVID-19 medical misinformation shared by US physicians on social media

/ August 17, 2023

Heat A Growing Public Health Problem

Heat related deaths are on the rise. What can we expect?

/ August 16, 2023

I Reject Your Medical Reality and I Substitute Death

Denying reality and substituting his own worked for Adam Savage. Not so much as an approach to COVID.

/ August 15, 2023