Cytotron – Magical Device Pseudoscience

The claims of Neurocytonix are extraordinary and dubious.

/ December 6, 2023
Steve Kirsch ad

Steve Kirsch’s “mother of all revelations” about the “deadliness” of COVID-19 vaccines goes poof

On Thursday, Steve Kirsch gave his long-hyped talk about "record-level data" from New Zealand that supposedly demonstrates that COVID-19 vaccines have killed more than 10 million people worldwide. His "analysis" of illegally obtained data from a "whistleblower" was so ridden with false assumptions and rookie errors that even some antivaxxers couldn't accept it.

/ December 4, 2023

The People Can Decide the Best Policy, Only If They Have the Best Information

Doctors who prioritized politics over being a "neutral judge" failed to provide the best information.

/ December 3, 2023

Medical Conservatives: Mixing Politics and Medicine is a Bad Idea, If I Disagree with Your Politics

"I used to think medicine could be separated from politics.  Gosh.  That was super dumb."

/ December 1, 2023

Internet Use and Mental Well-Being

Results of the largest study on internet use, well-being, and mental health.

/ November 29, 2023
Trust science?

Trust in science and vaccines continues to decline. Why?

Recent evidence shows that public trust in science and vaccines has declined markedly since the pandemic. Why is this, and is there anything we can do about it?

/ November 27, 2023

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 4a.

The cerealization continues. Cheerio!

/ November 25, 2023

I Agree with Dr. Vinay Prasad: It’s Entirely Predictable That More Parents Don’t Want Routine Vaccination for Their Kids

Dr. Prasad didn't predict this sad outcome, he worked tirelessly to cause it. So did many other doctors.

/ November 25, 2023

Despite safety and quality questions, melatonin use growing in children

A new survey shows use of melatonin in children is widespread despite modest efficacy and an unknown long-term safety profile.

/ November 23, 2023