The Health Costs of Fossil Fuel

Imagine if we could save over 8 million lives per year globally through public policy. Many of these preventable deaths are in younger people and fall disproportionately on the poor and disadvantaged. This is the estimate of a recent observational and modelling study on the effects of air pollution (fine particulate and ozone pollution). Of these death, over 5 million could be...

/ May 22, 2024

Bird is the Word

Something H5N1 this way comes. Perhaps.

/ May 21, 2024

FitScript™: Functional health quackery and a misleading alternative cancer cure testimonial

Perusing the hellscape that is what Twitter has degenerated into as X, I found an alternative cancer cure testimonial, which led me into "functional health" nonsense that I hadn't encountered before. Introducing FitScript.

/ May 20, 2024

Pro-Infection Doctors Didn’t Just Want Kids in School. They Wanted Them There Unvaccinated, Untested, and Unmasked. They Wanted Them Infected.

The virus massively disrupted schools around the world, and those of us who did nothing more than acknowledge this obvious reality were absurdly blamed for it.

/ May 17, 2024

Male and Female Brains are Different

Neuroanatomical research has long established that there are statistical differences at the macroscopic level in male and female brains. There are also functional differences in terms of memory and cognition. However, these differences are largely statistical, and exist in a mosaic of different traits. This means that, if we look at specific features (whether anatomical or functional) there are male-female differences, but...

/ May 15, 2024
IV drips nutrients

The Washington Post publishes an advertorial on IV drips

Last week, I had a choice between two poorly framed articles on health to discuss. I wrote about the one on "vaccine injury." But the second one about IV drips kept nagging at me. Why do journalists do so poorly on issues like this?

/ May 13, 2024

Dr. Vinay Prasad Pretends to Admit Error: I Was Optimistic That Vaccination Would Halt the Spread of the Virus—I Was Wrong. 

While admitting error is never easy and should always be applauded, the first step is to honestly admit error.

/ May 11, 2024

Tattoos Still Won’t Boost Your Immune System

Does the repeated stress on your immune system from getting tattoo after tattoo make you better able to fight off infections? No, no it does not.

/ May 10, 2024

Binders, fillers and more? What’s all that other stuff in my medicine?

Non-medicinal products in your medicine are there for a reason.

/ May 9, 2024

How To Approach Psychogenic Symptoms

Remember back in 1997, the Pokemon seizure episode? Hundreds of children reported symptoms, including seizures, after watching a specific episode of the Pokemon cartoon that includes a sequence of flashing alternating red and blue lights. The press reported the episode at face value, attributing the reaction to a known phenomenon of photosensitive epilepsy. However, later reviews found that the majority of cases...

/ May 8, 2024