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Pfizer COVID vaccine

“New school” antivax goes old school as Byram Bridle asks if COVID-19 vaccines will drive an “epidemic” of autism

Wakefield redux? Antivax scientist Byram Bridle just took the "new school" antivax movement old school by implying that COVID-19 vaccines might cause an "epidemic of autism." Everything old is new again, sort of.

/ January 22, 2024

Dual Sympathetic Reset for PTSD

Dual Sympathetic Reset is being promoted as a treatment for PTSD prior to any convincing clinical evidence.

/ January 10, 2024

Cytotron – Magical Device Pseudoscience

The claims of Neurocytonix are extraordinary and dubious.

/ December 6, 2023

Internet Use and Mental Well-Being

Results of the largest study on internet use, well-being, and mental health.

/ November 29, 2023

FDA Approves Leqembi for Alzheimer’s

FDA upgrades Leqembi for AD from accelerated to traditional approval based on latest clinical data.

/ July 12, 2023

Dubious Autonomic Nervous System Claims

Beware overblown claims that autonomic testing can help almost anything.

/ June 14, 2023

What Is Dopamine Detox?

Just another fad that oversimplifies a complex problem to sell an easy fix.

/ April 12, 2023

Motivation to Exercise in Mice

A new study in mice shows a connection between gut microbiome and willingness to exercise. Could this discovery lead to improved motivation to exercise in humans? Possibly, but we don't yet know if humans share the same pathway.

/ January 10, 2023

Treating Nightmares with a Smart Watch

Preliminary evidence suggests a watch may help people with severe nightmares. Of course, more research is needed.

/ December 20, 2022

Another Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug

A new treatment for Alzheimer's Disease is promising, but we're not there yet.

/ November 30, 2022