Month: May 2023

Why Scientific Plausibility Matters

Why plausibility must play a central role in scientific medicine.

/ May 31, 2023
Photo by Savvas Kalimeris on Unsplash

Voices in the Vacuum

The failure of the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator to, well, coordinate a response to COVID-19 misinformation has left physicians to fight the uphill battle on their own.

/ May 30, 2023

Open Letter to a Medical Student Part 2: “It Was Criminal in My Mind”

Some of your fans want public health officials to suffer. Should you care?

/ May 29, 2023

CDC Reports Fourth Death Blamed on Contaminated Eye Drops

An outbreak of deadly ocular infections, which have cost some people their vision and even their life, has been traced to contaminated eye drops.

/ May 26, 2023
Vitamin infusion

No evidence IV vitamin drips can treat infertility

There is no evidence IV vitamin drips can help treat infertility

/ May 25, 2023

Open Letter to a Dean: You’re Allowed to Speak

You can publicly disagree with a medical student who carries the imprimatur of your university and who has gained attention in the national media by spreading misinformation.

/ May 23, 2023
EBM hierarchy

Evidence-based medicine vs. basic science in medical school

Last week Dr. Vinay Prasad wrote a Substack arguing that medical students should learn the principles of evidence-based medicine before basic science.This is a recipe for amplifying the main flaw in EBM that science-based medicine was meant to correct, and Dr. Prasad's arguments would have been right at home on an integrative medicine blog. [Note ADDENDUM.]

/ May 22, 2023
Aseem Malhotra

Unsafe and Ineffective: Aseem Malhotra

British consulting cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has become the latest darling of the COVID-19 minimization and antivaccine movement in the UK. Previously known for anti-statin views and advocacy of the Pioppi diet who pivoted to more dangerous misinformation during the pandemic.

/ May 21, 2023

Might “Vitriolic Attacks” Against Emily Oster Rival COVID’s Carnage?

To advocates of Feelings Based Medicine, there is no difference between criticizing someone's ideas and attacking them personally.

/ May 19, 2023

Repurposed to Radical: How drug repurposing created a global right-wing market for COVID early treatment fraud

A condensed timeline of the events, people, and far-right global politics that repurposed science and medicine to promote fake miracle cures for COVID-19 and spread deadly disinformation with a focus on the United States, France, and Brazil.

/ May 18, 2023