Month: January 2024

Adulteration of Herbal Supplements Continues

The supplement industry continues to be plagued by deliberate adulteration of products.

/ January 31, 2024
Shedding vaccine COVID-19

Antivax quacks are continuing to make up fantastical biological mechanisms for COVID-19 vaccine “shedding”

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed why antivax quacks' claimed biological mechanisms for COVID-19 vaccine "shedding" reminded me of homeopaths. Confabulation about fantastical scientific mechanisms continues, courtesy of "A Midwestern Doctor."

/ January 29, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 8b

It's the pump! But you knew that.

/ January 27, 2024

Cameroon Begins First Malaria Vaccine Program

Despite massive efforts to reduce the disease burden of malaria, it remains a significant cause of disease and death in parts of the world, most notably Sub-Saharan Africa. Now we have a new tool in the fight against malaria – two safe and effective vaccines. Cameroon is just beginning a program to give the vaccine for free to children in four doses...

/ January 24, 2024

Chiropractic Subluxation Theory: Science or Gobbledegook?

Many chiropractors continue to claim that vertebral subluxations can affect organ function by interfering with nerve flow in spinal nerves, a view that is scientifically indefensible.

/ January 23, 2024
Pfizer COVID vaccine

“New school” antivax goes old school as Byram Bridle asks if COVID-19 vaccines will drive an “epidemic” of autism

Wakefield redux? Antivax scientist Byram Bridle just took the "new school" antivax movement old school by implying that COVID-19 vaccines might cause an "epidemic of autism." Everything old is new again, sort of.

/ January 22, 2024

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 8a

The Cholera continues.

/ January 20, 2024

Dr. Adam Cifu: “We Now Need to Accept That This is Here to Get Infected With Again and Again.”

If Dr. Adam Cifu were genuinely concerned about vaccine hesitancy, I would strongly encourage him to learn about the anti-vaccine movement. He'll discover that it is fueled not by a lack of "robust data" on COVID boosters, but rather by exactly the sort of mistrust and anti-vaccine misinformation spread by his own blog and collaborators.

/ January 20, 2024