No Benefit to Daily Multivitamin Use

A 20-year analysis of almost 400,000 generally healthy adults shows that vitamins do not help you live longer.

/ July 4, 2024

Microplastics and Global Health

What is a science-based medicine approach to potential public health risks? We write a lot about such risks here, trying to put them into perspective and cut through the hype and sensational headlines. We all have more than enough to worry about without adding unnecessarily to this burden. At the same time, humans have transformed our environment with industry, potentially introducing new...

/ July 3, 2024

Paul Marik: Disparaging chemotherapy in order to sell cancer quackery

Everything old is new once again, as COVID-19 quacks rehash old cancer quack claims that chemotherapy doesn't work in order to sell their preferred cancer quackery.

/ July 1, 2024

An Open Letter to Dr. Stefan Baral: Let’s Revisit Your Article “Covid Vaccines for Children Should Not Get Emergency Use Authorization.”

"I value criticism and my collaborations are based on the ability to openly criticize other's ideas as a means of finding the 'right' answer."

/ June 28, 2024
New York Times

The Lab Leak Theory and the Complicit Media

How the media's need for tales of intrigue and villains fosters the political weaponization of uncertainty

/ June 27, 2024

Firearms as a Public Health Crisis

The US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, recently put out a 40 page report titled: “Firearm Violence: A Public Health Crisis in America.” The report is entirely informational, without any policy force, but Murthy is hoping it will have the same long term cultural effect as the Surgeon General’s warning about the health risks of tobacco. I wrote about this exact issue in...

/ June 26, 2024

Did I Lie About My Conference Invitation? How Bad Faith Engagement Functions As A Distraction and Silencing Technique.

It's important to honestly and explicitly call out bad faith engagement for what it is and recognize how it functions as a common, but powerful rhetorical device.

/ June 25, 2024

“Panel stacking”: John Ioannidis versus a Delphi consensus statement on COVID-19

My former science idol John Ioannidis has published a paper citing a Delphi consensus statement on COVID-19 as evidence that the scientific community is "biased" against his anti-"lockdown" pro-virus views. His descent continues apace.

/ June 24, 2024

FDA Advisory Committee Recommends approval of new Alzheimer’s drug Donanemab

If approved, donanemab would be the third FDA approved disease-modifying beta-amyloid treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

/ June 23, 2024
New York Times

Why is The New York Times now promoting an anti-science agenda?

This essay stems from concerns about two editorials published in The New York Times recently. We felt that they were problematic in that the past is viewed through a blurred prism to produce revisionist history. By John P. Moore and Gregg Gonsalves.

, / June 22, 2024