The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration and “natural herd immunity” versus public health three years later

Over the weekend, Jeffrey Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute, crowed about how the Great Barrington Declaration and its recommendation of a "natural herd immunity" approach to the pandemic changed everything three years ago. Unfortunately, as the John Snow Project pointed out last week, the "natural herd immunity" approach has done what could be irreparable damage to public health science and, more...

/ November 13, 2023

Dr. Jerome Adams Was Right. They Wanted Them Infected. That’s a Fact.

"Many were fine with exposing kids (and school workers) to a deadly virus, with no vaccine or treatment, in the name of herd immunity. That’s a fact."- Dr. Jerome Adams

/ November 12, 2023

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 3a

The serialization of the novel Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. continues with chapter 3a

/ November 11, 2023

U.S. Infant Mortality Increases for First Time in 20 Years

Recently published CDC data has revealed an increase in the number of infant deaths in 2022, the first in two decades. The United States continues to struggle with serious healthcare disparities and to lag behind other countries when it comes to keeping young children alive.

/ November 10, 2023

Coffee enemas: This TikTok trend can be deadly

There's no evidence flushing coffee into your rectum is safe or effective, despite what you may see on TikTok.

/ November 9, 2023

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy sits in the border zone between science and pseudoscience.

/ November 8, 2023
RFK Jr Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. comes home to his antivax roots…again

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave the keynote speech at the second annual meeting of his antivax organization, Children's Health Defense. Once again, he demonstrated that not only is he still antivax as hell, but that his proposals are even more bizarre than before. Truly, it was a homecoming for him.

/ November 6, 2023

Skeptics in the Pub. Cholera. Chapter 2b.

The novel serialization continues with chapter 2b. Or not 2b. Is that a question.

/ November 4, 2023

Part 2: Is an Abnormal Lab Value After Vaccination More Concerning Than Death From COVID?

Part 1 is available here.   “There is No COVID Heart” On May 14, 2021, three “medical conservatives,” Drs. John Mandrola, Andrew Foy and Vinay Prasad, published an article titled “Setting the Record Straight: There is No ‘Covid Heart’”.  In it, they argued that “The issue of Covid-19 induced cardiac problems was massively overblown.”  Though the virus had existed for barely over year, they were very...

/ November 3, 2023

Fluoride and IQ

The evidence continues to support that low levels of fluoride in drinking water are safe.

/ November 1, 2023