Category: Commentary


When a placebo is called 'powerful', what is meant? Nothing.

/ November 21, 2023

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy sits in the border zone between science and pseudoscience.

/ November 8, 2023

Placebo Effect Revisited

The New York Times and Ted Kaptchuk feed into more confusion about placebo effects.

/ October 11, 2023

Why Is American Healthcare So Expensive?

It's not as complicated as you may think.

/ September 20, 2023

Update on Dr. AI

Studies have found large language model AIs to have impressive medical knowledge, but they are not quite there yet.

/ August 23, 2023

Madonna !?!

Remembering the old days of Madonna, courting, and naloxone use.

/ July 18, 2023


If I were King of the Vaccines. Some thoughts on influenza vaccine, hospitalization, death and courage.

/ June 20, 2023

Why Scientific Plausibility Matters

Why plausibility must play a central role in scientific medicine.

/ May 31, 2023
Alternative medicine scams

An SBM Advocate Goes To Washington

An update on the strategies and deceptions used by the CAM movement to promote their treatments.

/ April 5, 2023

Tightening Gene Editing Rules for Humans

Gene-editing regulations are again in the news. We need to take a thoughtful approach.

/ March 8, 2023