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Allison Neitzel graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin with her MD in 2021. She founded MisinformationKills, an independent research group to investigate dark money funding public health disinformation and writes about the topic on Substack. She has successfully advocated for legislation to combat Covid disinformation in California, guest lectured at the University of Toronto, chased Aaron Rodgers out of Wisconsin, and is currently working on a book "Misinformation Kills: How Politics and Dark Money Hijacked Covid". She is also a classically trained vocalist with an undergraduate degree in Music from Tufts University and continues to sing in her free time. She lives in Chicago with her dog who is cuter than yours. Her grandmother wished she swore less on the internet.


Repurposed to Radical: How drug repurposing created a global right-wing market for COVID early treatment fraud

A condensed timeline of the events, people, and far-right global politics that repurposed science and medicine to promote fake miracle cures for COVID-19 and spread deadly disinformation with a focus on the United States, France, and Brazil.

/ May 18, 2023