Month: September 2023

Fish Oil Capsules

Reeling In Misrepresentation: Fish Oil Supplements Found Lacking

An analysis of label claims for fish oil supplements finds a lot of tall tales

/ September 14, 2023

Complete Human Embryo Model Made From Stem Cells

Researchers create an embryo model from human embryonic stem cells.

/ September 13, 2023

When Did “Herd Immunity” Become a Taboo Phrase?

Doctors who repeatedly predicted herd immunity in 2020 and 2021, mocking and berating those who disagreed, now treat herd immunity as a taboo phrase.

/ September 12, 2023
Do Not Comply

Dr. Vinay Prasad fully embraces the antivax message of “do not comply”

COVID-19 "contrarians" like Dr. Vinay Prasad have long complained about being labelled "antivaccine," which they view as unfair. Why, then, do they embrace antivax messages like "do not comply," even if they don't use the exact words?

/ September 11, 2023

Take a Pledge to Enroll in a Randomized-Controlled Trial

As COVID cases and hospitalizations increase yet again, I'd like my contribution to medical research to be more than convincing people to skip vaccine doses. So should you.

/ September 8, 2023

The Grand Debunk of the antivaxxer book “Turtles All the Way Down” (part 5/10)

The fifth installment in the grand debunk the antivaxxer book “Turtles All the Way Down”: Chapter 5.

/ September 7, 2023

Self-Amplifying RNA Vaccines

Self-Amplifying RNA vaccines are coming. Here's a primer to get you ready.

/ September 6, 2023
Bacterial pneumonia

The COVID-as-bacterial-pneumonia conspiracy theory rises again

In yet another example of everything hold being new again, antivaxxers have resurrected the claim that deaths due to COVID-19 are actually due to bacterial pneumonia, just as antivaxxers used to say the same thing about influenza deaths. It is, of course, another case of confusing cause and effect in order to obfuscate.

/ September 4, 2023

Doctors Respond to Being Quoted: “I Don’t Think You Realize How Silly You Look Right Now”

"They resorted to ad hominem attacks and dug a deeper hole for themselves."

/ September 2, 2023

Science-Based Satire: TCM Experts Baffled by Man Born Without Meridians

Has the first case of complete congenital Qi deficiency been diagnosed in Massachusetts? Is it possible to run a successful landscaping business without any meridians? Where can you get acupuncture and your car detailed at the same time? All these questions and more will be answered in today's post, which I completely made up.

/ September 1, 2023