Month: July 2023

The Grand Debunk of the antivaxxer book “Turtles All the Way Down” (part 2/10)

The second installment in debunking the antivaxxer book "Turtles All the Way Down": Chapter 2, supposedly concerned with “The Science of Adverse Events”.

/ July 16, 2023

Praise for Dr. Monica Gandhi

Ideally, leaders of American medicine would have had the courage to correct misinformation spread by their fellow doctors. At a bare minimum, they didn't have to lavish praise on a doctor who repeatedly polluted our COVID landscape with obvious misinformation and falsely pacified people the worst was over, when in fact the worst was yet to come.

/ July 14, 2023

The Grand Debunk of the antivaxxer book “Turtles All the Way Down” (part 1/10)

This book — written by "Anonymous", edited by Children's Health Defense lawyer Mary Holland and Children's Health Defense Publisher Liaison and Thinking Moms’ Revolution co-founder Zoey O’Toole, and published by "The Turtles Team" — purports to use only mainstream references to prove its points. But the book employs all the standard tropes in a master class of science denial and antivax tactics...

/ July 13, 2023

FDA Approves Leqembi for Alzheimer’s

FDA upgrades Leqembi for AD from accelerated to traditional approval based on latest clinical data.

/ July 12, 2023
Neko Health whole body scans

The return of marketing hype for “whole body scans”…now with AI!

Two decades ago, I cut my skeptical teeth countering advertising for whole body scans by companies making extravagant promises for their products. This particular medical fad faded for a while, but now it's back with a vengeance...with AI! Looking at these products, what I see is basically the quackery that is functional medicine on steroids and powered by AI.

/ July 10, 2023

Delabeling Penicillin Allergies: A Public Service Announcement from Science-Based Medicine

Is your child allergic to penicillin? Are you sure about that? Penicillin allergy is much less common than widely believed and there is a big push to delabel pediatric and adult patients who actually can tolerate these antibiotics.

/ July 7, 2023

The effects of vitamin D supplementation on major cardiac events

A large randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation generates good data to show there is likely no benefit.

/ July 6, 2023

Aspartame and Cancer

Despite the leaked new classification as a "possible" carcinogen, the evidence still shows aspartame is safe.

/ July 5, 2023

When Doctors Have Different Standards of Evidence for the Virus and the Vaccine

817,000 Americans had already died of COVID by December 23, 2021, and 244,000 more would die the next year. Millions more survived, but were injured. These numbers could have been lower if doctors had not become defense attorneys for SARS‑CoV‑2 and prosecutors against the vaccine, and instead applied similar standards of evidence to both.

/ July 4, 2023
RFK Jr. no saline placebo

RFK Jr. resurrects an old antivax half-truth about “saline placebos” in randomized controlled trials of vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has resurrected the antivax claim that the childhood vaccine schedule has never been tested in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with a saline placebo controls (and therefore the vaccine schedule is unsafe). This is an old and deceptive antivax half-truth that ignores both what constitutes a scientifically valid placebo and the ethical requirements for RCTs.

/ July 3, 2023