Tag: Satire

1,200 Equals 6

A satirical rebuttal to an article titled "1,200 is More Than 6".

/ February 6, 2022

Why Can’t We Discuss This Taboo Subject Everyone is Talking About?

Unlike doctors who work with COVID-19 patients, I am not afraid to discuss taboo topics. To find out more, become a member and receive exclusive content.

/ January 30, 2022

A Modest Proposal: Schools Must Open With Untested, Unmasked, Unvaccinated Children

Kids don’t need Covid-19 vaccines to return to school and the downsides of masking young students are real.

/ January 14, 2022

The Great Barrington Declaration Was Silenced. So Why are They Silencing Me?

The head of the NIH owed the authors of the GBD a series of public discussions and dialogues. The authors of the GDB owe me a series of public discussions and dialogues.

/ December 31, 2021

Science-Based Satire: Were the Dinosaurs Wiped Out by a Mass Subluxation Event?

Did the impact of a large asteroid wipe out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago by causing widespread spinal subluxations? Yes, according to chiropractic paleontology, a scientific discipline that clearly doesn't exist because this post is satire.

/ November 26, 2021

A Modest Proposal: Close Pediatric Cancer Hospitals

What if people thought about pediatric cancer the way they do pediatric COVID-19? A satirical argument to stop treating children for cancer.

/ October 2, 2021

Science-Based Satire: More Chiropractors are Using Subluxation Sniffing Dogs

Are dogs being trained to detect subtle chiropractic subluxations? If so, can they really outperform the Subluxatron 9000-X? And what about cats? These questions and more won't be answered by this post, because it's clearly satire and doesn't represent reality or even the opinions of the managing editors of this website.

/ June 25, 2021

Science-Based Satire: Portland Compounding Pharmacy Introduces Line of Bespoke Artisinal Parenteral Nutrition

Are compounding pharmacies working with naturopathic integrative functional medicine doctors to make bespoke artisanal IV nutrition that looks like soup in a mason jar? No. Stop it. You know this isn't true. It's satire.

/ February 19, 2021

Science-Based Satire: Implantable Desubluxators Revolutionize Chiropractic Care

Have chiropractic scientists developed an implantable device that will detect and treat subluxations? Are there companies that monitor these devices in order to alert patients and to arrange for 24-7 emergency adjustments? No. There absolutely are not. This is satire.

/ January 22, 2021