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Clay Jones, M.D. is a pediatrician and a regular contributor to the Science-Based Medicine blog. He primarily cares for healthy newborns and hospitalized children, and devotes his full time to educating pediatric residents and medical students. Dr. Jones first became aware of and interested in the incursion of pseudoscience into his chosen profession while completing his pediatric residency at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital a decade ago. He has since focused his efforts on teaching the application of critical thinking and scientific skepticism to the practice of pediatric medicine. Dr. Jones has no conflicts of interest to disclose and no ties to the pharmaceutical industry. He can be found on Twitter as @SBMPediatrics and is the co-host of The Prism Podcast with fellow SBM contributor Grant Ritchey. The comments expressed by Dr. Jones are his own and do not represent the views or opinions of Newton-Wellesley Hospital or its administration.

More Marijuana More Problems for Young Children Part 2: Additional Problems for the Aforementioned Children

A recent study found that young children are increasingly being harmed by accidental ingestion of cannabis in the form of edibles.

/ May 12, 2023

Children and COVID-19: A Few Facts and Figures from the Pandemic’s First Three Years

After three solid years of the pandemic, here is an admittedly incomplete rundown of how it has affected children in the United States.

/ April 28, 2023

Lithium in Tap Water Probably Doesn’t Cause Autism

A recent study found an association between lithium in tap water and a diagnosis of autism in Danish children. Is it time to turn off the tap and grab the bottled water? Not so fast.

/ April 14, 2023

Was the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic to Blame for an Increase in Unexpected Infant Deaths in 2020?

New CDC data on unexpected infant deaths in 2020 show an increase, but only in Black infants. There is a good chance that this is an indirect result of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

/ March 31, 2023

Science-Based Satire: Florida Authorities Report First Case of Mosquito-Borne Fentanyl Overdose

Can a mosquito bite result in a fentanyl overdose? Will police soon be fitted with wearable naloxone pumps? Can fentanyl be detected by a handheld electronic device? The no. This is merely more nonsense cooked up in the mind of someone who probably should stick to his day job.

/ March 17, 2023

Pertussis Vaccine During Pregnancy Protects Vulnerable Newborns

Getting a dose of pertussis vaccine during every pregnancy is a strategy that has prevented severe disease in thousands of young infants over the past decade, and saved hundreds of sweet little baby lives. The evidence is clear, but not everyone who is eligible is receiving the recommended dose.

/ March 3, 2023

Vibrating Pills for Constipation: Safe and Effective or Bowel-Shaking Earthquakes of Doubt and Remorse*

A vibrating pill designed to treat chronic constipation is now available by prescription. It will likely help some people, and it's safe, but it isn't a game changer.

/ February 17, 2023

There is really nothing super about Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea

Reports out of Massachusetts are raising concerns of a highly resistant strain of gonorrhea being seen for the first time in the United States. Are we close to living in a reality where there are no more effective treatments for this nasty, and potentially deadly, infection?

/ February 3, 2023

Miscellany of Medical Malarkey Part 6

The Ohio measles outbreak is (hopefully) winding down. Vaccine rates among American Kindergartners are dropping. A new cure for sickle cell disease might not reach everyone who needs it. All that, and acupuncture for deadly infections? It appears that the miscellany of medical malarkey has returned again once more!

/ January 20, 2023

Science-Based Satire: A New Fad Diet Has Farmers and Doctors Baffled

Are people crawling around farms eating directly from the plants or using their mouths to dig up root vegetables in order to better absorb the life sustaining essence of their food? No, and frankly I'm surprised at you for even considering the possibility. This is satire. But there are a lot of people out there partaking in some rather silly diet fads.

/ January 6, 2023