Category: Public Health

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

New research, same old narrative.

/ June 28, 2023

Update on GMOs and Health

Thirty years on, there is even more evidence that GMO food are safe.

/ June 21, 2023
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Voices in the Vacuum

The failure of the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator to, well, coordinate a response to COVID-19 misinformation has left physicians to fight the uphill battle on their own.

/ May 30, 2023

WHO Declares COVID Emergency Over

While the COVID health emergency is over, COVID itself is not, and we need to have an eye on the next potential pandemic.

/ May 10, 2023

Is Australia’s Planned Vaping Ban A Good Idea?

Australia's planned ban on recreational vaping has a solid base in current evidence.

/ May 3, 2023

Sleep and Vaccination Response

A meta-analysis finds a non-significant trend in decreased antibody response with poor sleep. What is the significance?

/ March 15, 2023

COVID Lab Leak Theory Rises Again

FBI Director supports the lab leak hypothesis, but there is no new evidence, and scientists still favor the spillover hypothesis.

/ March 1, 2023

The 4-Day Work Week and Health

There may be a strong public health argument to make for the 4-day work week.

/ February 22, 2023
The Great Barrington Trio

Brownstone Institute admits that the Great Barrington Declaration was wrong (without actually admitting it was wrong)

The Brownstone Institute's Gabrielle Bauer claims vindication for the Great Barrington Declaration, the October 2020 document that advocated a "natural herd immunity" pandemic strategy, with an ill-defined "focused protection" strategy to protect those most at risk of death. In the fine print, however, Bauer tacitly admits that its core assumption was badly mistaken, minimizing it as not getting all the "details" right.

/ February 20, 2023

Masks Revisited

A recent Cochrane review, limited in scope and problematic in methodology, does not show that masks do not work, despite common misreporting.

/ February 15, 2023