Harriet Hall

I have bad news to announce to our readers. While traveling in Australia, SBM stalwart and founding editor Harriet Hall suffered a fall and significant injury. Australian skeptic and friend of the blog Eren Segev has the news, and this is all I know other than what Steve Novella told me the other day in an e-mail. It wasn’t any more than this:

We here at SBM are saddened and are hopeful that Harriet will soon be able to return to her home and ultimately make a full recovery. I haven’t yet had any direct communication with Harriet or her husband.

For purposes of her blogging here at SBM, there is one more post that she wrote before this that will be published next Tuesday. After that, her regular Tuesday posting time will be filled with guest posts and a series of “Best of Harriet Hall” reposts until she is able to resume her regular contributions to SBM, however long that takes.

I and the rest of the editors and regulars at SBM wish Harriet a swift recovery. I hope that regular SBM readers will do the same. We will post updates as they become available.



Posted by David Gorski

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