Drowning Deaths Continue Post-Pandemic Rise

More people, mostly kids, are drowning these days, in no small part because of the pandemic.

/ July 19, 2024

Magnesium oil: Not so magical

Despite the hype, there is no evidence to show magnesium oil is effective for any purpose.

/ July 18, 2024

Conspiracy Medicine

Was COVID cooked up in a lab? Do “they” have a cure for cancer and are hiding it from the public? Do pharmaceutical companies make up diseases to market otherwise failed drugs? Did insurance companies scheme with infectious disease professional organizations to suppress treatments for chronic Lyme disease? Did the supplement industry lobby congress to weaken regulations of their own products? OK,...

/ July 17, 2024

Pulse Diagnostics

Perhaps the EKG of my bulldog. TCPM wouldn't have a clue what was going on.

/ July 16, 2024
Aaron Siri

Aaron Siri vs. Stanley Plotkin on post-licensure safety monitoring of vaccines

Vaccine scientist Stanley Plotkin coauthored a commentary on vaccine postlicensure studies. Antivax lawyer Aaron Siri tries to spin it as an "admission" that vaccines aren't safe. Predictable.

/ July 15, 2024

Heritage Covid Commission Wants China Accountable… What About Trump?

The Heritage Foundation’s COVID-19 Commission Calls for Chinese “Accountability” for US Pandemic Damage

/ July 14, 2024

Part 1: We Don’t Have to Wonder if the Great Barrington Declaration Could Have “Worked”. In the Real World, It Failed.

Discussions about the GBD tend to take place in the conditional tense- what would, could, and should have happened. But the GBD actually existed and we can examine what actually happened.

/ July 11, 2024

Science vs HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a global pandemic, with 39 million cases worldwide, and over 1 million new infections each year. While it rose to epidemic and then pandemic levels in the 1980s, the first case goes back to 1959. HIV is a retrovirus that inserts its genetic material into the DNA of host cells, and targets the immune system as...

/ July 10, 2024

Access Consciousness: Phrenology fused with energy medicine

Access Consciousness claims to show how to improve your mental and physical health by touching 32 Access Bars on your scalp. It's basically phrenology reborn and fused with "energy medicine."

/ July 8, 2024

Pandemic Revisionism: Doctors Who Defend Dr. Scott Atlas Are Afraid to Accurately Quote Dr. Scott Atlas. I’m Not.

"There is an ongoing, competitive process of writing the history of the pandemic." This isn't just about the past. It's about the future.

/ July 6, 2024