Month: October 2022

The Bobath Concept for Cerebral Palsy and Stroke Rehabilitation

The Bobath approach, also known as Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) is widely used for cerebral palsy and stroke rehabilitation, but it's not supported by good evidence.

/ October 18, 2022
Pfizer COVID vaccine

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission: Antivax disinformation goes viral again

Last week, antivaxxers were all over social media after Tucker Carlson touted a "revelation" that the phase 3 clinical trial used to support licensure of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine didn't examine its ability to block transmission as meaning that its inability to block transmission had been "covered up". It wasn't, and antivaxxers are ignoring everything we've learned over the last two years...

/ October 17, 2022

Science-Based Satire: Experts are Warning Parents About a New and Highly Potent Synthetic Sugar

Is there an epidemic of extremely potent synthetic sugar sweeping the nation and putting our children, and first responders, at risk of hyperactivity and ruined dinners? No, there isn't. At least not yet. This is satire. Some people are getting pretty ridiculous when it comes to fentanyl though.

/ October 14, 2022

Lawsuits against US pharmacy chains selling homeopathy to proceed

An Appeals Court will permit CFI to challenge Walmart and CVS for selling homeopathy alongside conventional medicine.

/ October 13, 2022

Burden of Proof Studies and Health Risk

A new way of presenting knowledge about health risks highlights the ambiguity of the evidence and the importance of basic health behaviors.

/ October 12, 2022

Neuroplasticity Nonsense Is Full of Red Flags

Adora Winquist offers advice about neuroplasticity, but hers is not the language of science or reality.

/ October 11, 2022
Joseph Ladapo

The State of Florida spreads antivaccine disinformation disguised as an epidemiological “study”

On Friday, Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo released a non-peer-reviewed "study" that recommends against males aged 18 to 39 receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines based on bad epidemiology and science. This is the first time that we've seen a state government weaponize bad science to spread antivaccine disinformation as official policy, a dangerous new escalation in antivaccine propaganda.

/ October 10, 2022

Does the Mass Infection of Unvaccinated Young People Follow the “Basic Principles of Public Health”?

A pictorial refutation to a central claim of the Great Barrington Declaration.

/ October 7, 2022

FDA Approves Controversial ALS Drug – Relyvrio

A close look a the FDA approval of Relyvrio.

/ October 5, 2022

Joovv and Other Red Light Therapies

The Joovv Go is a handheld device for red light therapy. Red light therapy remains controversial: most of the claims are not supported by credible scientific evidence.

/ October 4, 2022