Earlier this year, after getting hacked, we made some major changes. It all had to be done, but of course there are some new headaches. We’ve published a new help page explaining the changes, why you do not have to have a Facebook or Twitter account, and why some comments are held for moderation (one normal reason, one buggy reason). Obviously we are working as fast as a volunteer-powered organization possibly can to fix the bugs, and we thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, if you’ve been frustrated trying to comment, this page should offer some relief.

Help with logging in & commenting

Good news update: the “vanishing submit button” problem has (probably) been solved at last, eliminating one of the major reasons we originally published the help page.

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Posted by Paul Ingraham

Vancouver science journalist and publishing entrepreneur who quit his career as a Registered Massage Therapist due to concerns about the prevalence of poor science in that profession & alternative medicine in general. Publisher of, a popular self-help website about common injury and pain problems. Proofreader & handyman for itself since 2009.