Paul Ingraham – Assistant Editor (Emeritus)


Paul-Ingraham-pro-version1-4x4Paul Ingraham is a writer and former Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver, Canada. Paul joined the SBM team in 2009 after meeting Drs. Gorski and Novella at The Amazing Meeting, and was the assistant editor until “retirement” in mid-2016. He will probably not be able to resist some kind of on-going behind-the-scenes involvement, and perhaps he will return formally some day.

Meanwhile, he is focussing on his own publishing project, an SBM-ish website for pain and musculoskeletal medicine.

Paul is a rare alternative medicine apostate: frustrated by pseudoscientific baggage in massage therapy, he quit that profession to write full-time in 2010. He now makes a living from (selling e-books), and many of his skeptical articles have been prominent in Google search results for many years now, such as his review of Traumeel (the best-selling of all homeopathic products) or his debunking of stretching or fascia hype. His e-books are among the few (or only) skeptical guides to common painful problems like back pain, neck pain, so-called “trigger points”, and running and overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, and patellofemoral pain.




  • Vancouver science journalist best known for publishing, which is "the SBM of pain and injury medicine." Although Paul grew up believing in anything, Carl Sagan turned him into a skeptic. Paul is also a programmer, a gamer, a science fiction fan, and chases Frisbees more than a Border Collie. Oh, and he was the assistant editor of for a while (2009-2016).