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The Swiss Report on Homeopathy

Proponents of homeopathy claim that a Swiss report published in 2012 vindicates homeopathy. The report was actually authored by homeopaths, who used an artificially low standard of evidence to conclude what they were selling actually works. This ignores the improbability of homeopathy, and the many other reviews that have concluded it is nothing more than a placebo.

/ June 27, 2012

The Huffington Post is at it again

As many of our readers know, there are plenty of websites devoted entirely to fake medicine. Sites such as whale.to and NatrualNews are repositories of paranoid, unscientific thinking and promotion of dangerous health practices. Thankfully, they are rather fringe (but not fringe enough). More mainstream outlets print some pretty bad stuff, but it’s usually just lazy reporting and not a concerted, organized...

/ September 28, 2009