Vaccine Awareness Week, November 1-7


The first week of November is, unofficially, Vaccine Awareness Week – at least according to anti-vaccine activists Barbara Loe Fisher and Joe Mercola. We at science-based medicine thought it would be a good idea to have our own science-based vaccine awareness week. Many of our fellow science bloggers are on board as well. We will use this site at aggregate as many science-based posts about vaccines and public health as we find. If you have or know of any that are not listed, please let us know in the comments and we will add it.

Respectful Insolence:

11/01/10 – Vaccine Awareness Week begins: Raymond Obomsawin is still spreading the same misinformation

11/02/10 – The strange science and ethics of the anti-vaccine movement

11/04/10 – J.B. Handley: Attacking the AAP over vaccines…again

11/05/10 – Battling misinformed consent: How should we respond to the anti-vaccine movement?

11/07/10 – Yet more evidence that Andrew Wakefield is anti-vaccine


11/01/10 – What Does Anti-Vaccine Really Mean, by David Gorski

11/02/10 – Journal Club Debunks Anti-Vaccine Myths by Harriet Hall

11/03/10 – A Shot in the Dark Revisited by Steven Novella

11/04/10 – Vaccine Wars: The NCCAM Drops the Ball by Kimball Atwood

11/05/10 – Homeopathic Vaccines by Mark Crislip

11/06/10 – Improving Our Response to Anti-Vaccine Sentiment by Scott Gavura


11/01/10 – Joseph Mercola – Misinformation and Fear Mongering About Vaccines

11/02/10 – The Chicken Pox Story

11/04/10 – Germ Theory Denial

11/05/10 – Gloating About Vaccine Fears

Skeptic North:

11/01/10 – The Faces of Vaccine (Un)awareness Week

11/02/10 – Canadian Flu Update

11/04/10 – Vaccination: The Anatomy of Fear (incl. Soundtrack)

Science Based Parenting: Post Halloween Pox

I Speak of Dreams: The Big List of Reality-Based Vaccine & Infectious Disease Blogging (#vaxfax)

Vaccine Times: July-Sept 2010 Issue

Dr. Aust’s Spleen: Anecdata: mine good, yours LIES

Swift (JREF Blog): Vaccine Work by James Randi

New Zealand Blogs: Vaccination Week roundup