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Ayn Rand, Objectivists, and COVID

Healthcare workers are leaving medicine after coming under attack due to the type of disinformation spread by Objectivists. That's ironic.

/ May 22, 2022

Vaccines Don’t Save Lives

Fostering basic critical thinking skills and countering medical misinformation is a vital undertaking.

/ May 20, 2022

Methodolatry and COVID

Doctors who call for an RCT for everything generally haven't run a single RCT on anything. Why is this?

/ May 12, 2022

Pediatric Hepatitis, A Medical Rorschach Test

Because they are from an old, established cause, pediatric deaths from COVID have receded into the background, overshadowed by pediatric hepatitis.

/ May 6, 2022

Supposedly Silenced Scientists and Dr. Rick Bright

Contrarian doctors don't want discussion and debate. That's why they ignore silenced scientists like Dr. Rick Bright.

/ May 5, 2022

Normalizing Dead Children

Pediatric fatalities from both guns and COVID could be greatly reduced if more people simply cared.

/ April 22, 2022

They Have Names, Part 2

"We share their names because their name is part of their story."

/ April 10, 2022

Malingering:  The Lord Voldemort of Medicine

Understanding of malingering isn’t advanced with acquiescence and silence

/ April 8, 2022

Race and COVID

I suspect the mass infection of unvaccinated children wouldn't have been openly championed if more White children died.

/ April 3, 2022

Science Fiction at the Wall Street Journal

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts". It's my opinion that no child should die for lack of a vaccine. The editors of The Wall Street Journal disagree

/ March 27, 2022