Alchemy is alive and well! Yes, that medieval precursor of chemistry, that chimerical search for the philosopher’s stone and the transmutation of lead to gold. Modern alchemists have found the philosopher’s stone and are selling it and teaching people how to make it themselves out of dew and Celtic sea salt.

The philosopher’s stone apparently is an elixir of life that you have to take on a regular basis. According to Nicholas Collette, it “completely eliminates the pharmaceutical industries by curing EVERY disease, and opens the mind to it’s [sic] full potential.”   It extends the life span, reverses the aging process, and opens the door to psychic power.

Instructions for making it are detailed on this website. It takes time and is complicated, but the starting ingredient is simple: morning dew. 

It allegedly turns lead into gold: one milligram of the Stone can turn 20 pounds of lead to gold. But you are warned to be careful

 …the alchemists warned that you must be careful not to transmute too much gold at once, or it will become radioactive and the radiation will harm you and eventually kill you. And selling gold is considered a trite waste of the Stone in alchemy. You will feel like a **** if you make all your money selling a product of alchemy and disgracing and defiling the Holy Art.

 There are apparently 3 colors of stone. The White elixir can cure all mental disorders and diseases or psychosis, and depression. It also causes receptive psychic ability to develop in the user, like mind reading and spirit contact. The green stone is like the white stone but takes more time to produce.

The Red Stone is used primarily for its regenerative abilities: it is not taught. It is an end product or manifestation that gives you godly powers and allows you to live for hundreds of years.

 And then there is the Ormus monoatomic alchemical elixir:

It has been discovered in this regard that what is being called carbon is actually not always carbon; sometimes it is something else. What is being called calcium is actually not always calcium; sometimes it is something else. What is being called silicon is actually not always silicon; sometimes it is something else. What is being called iron sometimes is actually not always iron; sometimes it is something else. And that something else is actually ORMUS. ORMUS (sometimes also referred to as ORME, monoatomic elements, and/orm-state materials) is a class of physically distinct atomic mineral substances that are unique forms of matter that appear to be closer to the state of aether or vacuum or pure energy than normal matter such as the common mineral and atomic compounds found on Mendeleyev’s  Periodic Table of the Elements.

The secrets of alchemy are no longer secret. All civilizations had understandings and mysteries of people who took the stone and were potential gods, with powers of healing and creation. These modern alchemists have reclaimed the lost knowledge.

Science can’t explain it. For instance, if you measure the powder, heat it to 1000 degrees and cool it, it weighs 25% less. Science says this is impossible, but it happens. Hundreds of investigations have proven that it doesn’t behave like normal matter.

You can buy it, but it’s better to make your own so it carries your own vibes. And making your own is cheaper. You will need to take 1 ½ gm a day. The price has been reduced from 105 to 75 euros for 3 grams. By my rough calculation, this would add up to an expense of nearly $24,000 a year.

A medical doctor turned alchemist explains that it isn’t as simple as “this cures cancer.” Patients become shinier, and their aura glows. There is a stronger presence of life energy. Illness is expressed in darkness and the stone produces light.  

Testimonials abound. One user said

With regards to noticeable effects, I can say that I was aware of more energy circulating, specifically vibrating in my palms and laogong. I practice high level internal alchemy (for immortality) and I could ‘see’ that the combination of my practices with the consumption of the Stone you produce would potentially yield exponential results.

Collette has written books explaining how to make the stone and raving about Rosicrucians, the Holy Grail, the Tarot, 3-mile-wide UFOs, a civilization of alien beings living right here on our planet that only show up in the ultraviolet range, astral projection, astrology, and other things that don’t seem to cohere with each other into any rational framework. I tried to make sense out of what he is actually claiming, but couldn’t. I don’t think it’s me; I think there’s no sense there to be found.

I don’t think the pharmaceutical industries are in any danger of being eliminated. I can’t imagine that many sick people will fall for this nonsense and try to “cure every disease” with it, but then I couldn’t imagine that anyone would still be practicing alchemy in the 21st century. The human capacity for self-deception is truly inexhaustible.

This may be too silly to dignify with a post on a science-based website, but it shows the depth of human gullibility that science must strive to overcome.

Posted by Harriet Hall

Harriet Hall, MD also known as The SkepDoc, is a retired family physician who writes about pseudoscience and questionable medical practices. She received her BA and MD from the University of Washington, did her internship in the Air Force (the second female ever to do so),  and was the first female graduate of the Air Force family practice residency at Eglin Air Force Base. During a long career as an Air Force physician, she held various positions from flight surgeon to DBMS (Director of Base Medical Services) and did everything from delivering babies to taking the controls of a B-52. She retired with the rank of Colonel.  In 2008 she published her memoirs, Women Aren't Supposed to Fly.