What Talent!

I, like Joe, am utterly humbled by the translations of the entry in the W^5/2 #6! Namidim (twice), Stu (m’man!), Michelle B (using the Now-Venerated, Awesome Power of Simple Substitution that had Suddenly Swept Stu to SuperStar Status lo! These many W^5/2s ago!), and Michael X (it’s Larry’s turn to cry!) each nailed that passage lacka split hawg through the Penetrating Power of Poignant Parody©.


I thought it wouldn’t happen for a while, if ever, and I tremble as I write this, but…I have no choice but to confer the legendary, coveted, Soaring Standard of Stu® upon each of the four prodigal W^5/2 scholars named above! My hat is also off to homeboy David Gorski, who followed that passage with a Perfectly Pertinent Post-post Posting©, demonstrating such uncanny, spontaneous timing and recall that he must be Duly Acknowledged as one of the Baddest Bosses of the Blogosphere®.

This Week’s Entry: Commercial and Machine Entropy are being Scattered to the Universe!

OK, in deference to TsuDoNimh and a few other killjoys, I’ll admit that not every passage in this series has included weasel words per se (Cheeses K. Reist, why can’t some people just lighten up?). The one I’m about to shovel in your direction may not have any weasel words, but it sure illustrates an important feature of the Spectacular Quackular Vernacular®: gobbledygook. It came to mind after the broohaha that followed Wally Sampson’s post of last Thursday, “Touch – a Trojan Horse,” and also because of the words of the Healing Touch Research Coordinator that I quoted yesterday:

Energetic therapy is not (to my knowledge) an evangelical, preaching group of therapists…

Let it be introduced, then, in the words of Kevin Courcey, skeptical nurse extraordinaire, who himself found it quoted in a 1994 Skeptic article by another skeptical nurse, Linda Rosa, co-author of the reviled report “A Close Look at Therapeutic Touch.” Wrote Courcey: “In a speech heralding the formation of Colorado’s Center for Human Caring, soon to be a hotbed of Therapeutic Touch training, Center Director and former Dean of Nursing Jean Watson waxed philosophic, stating that this was…

‘…part of the universe turning, ushering in one of the seasonal ancient calendar revolutions…appeasing the gods and goddesses of the universe…this leave-taking from the Age of Pisces, after 2,000 years of the Mayan calendar, takes us away from the destruction, the violence, the technological, industrialized war and power into spirit-filled cosmology…commercial and machine entropy are being scattered to the universe and being replaced by guardians, angels in fact, of esthetic mystic and spiritual unification, of human and planetary evolution.’ “

Mr. Courcey added: “Shockingly, the speaker of this cosmic religious drivel was promptly elected President of the National League of Nursing.” Amen, brutha.

Happy Waluating!

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