As managing editor of Science-Based Medicine, I am greatly saddened to have to announce to our readers that Dr. Harriet Hall passed away unexpectedly last night. Her husband informed Steve and me earlier this afternoon, and the editor of her newsletter sent this email:

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow skeptics,

My name is Ron Jette and I am the editor of the SkepDoc monthly newsletter.

It is with profound sadness that I report to you that my good friend, Dr. Harriet “SkepDoc” Hall, passed away in her sleep quietly and unexpectedly last night in Seattle.

Kirk Hall, Harriet’s husband, has kindly allowed me to notify you of Harriet’s passing.

We were currently working on the January edition of the newsletter and that final edition will be delivered within the next few days.

If, like her, you believe in truth and science-based medicine—and I know you do—please have a kind thought for her. I will miss her dearly and I know you will, too.


Ron Jette

We at SBM are deeply saddened to learn this news. A tribute will follow this weekend, and when we learn of memorial arrangements we will post them.

Harriet was a friend and, with Steve, myself, Dr. Kimball Atwood, and the late Dr. Wally Sampson, a co-founder of this blog in 2008. Her contributions to promoting skepticism, particularly regarding dubious medicine and pseudomedical claims, are legendary, as was her pioneering role as one of the earliest female flight surgeons in the Air Force. She will be deeply missed. Please join us in mourning her passing and, more importantly, remembering her life. Feel free to use the comment section to let everyone know what she meant to you.

R.I.P., SkepDoc.

Dr. Harriet Hall at TAM 7 in 2009.


Posted by David Gorski

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