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The antivaccine lie that just won’t die: The claim that shaken baby syndrome is really due to “vaccine injury”

One of the vilest ideas that antivaxers promote is the claim that shaken baby syndrome is in reality a "misdiagnosis" for vaccine injury. Come down the rabbit hole with me and see just how low antivaxers will go to promote this idea and use it to try to exonerate child abusers.

/ October 8, 2012

Medical Voices: Always in Error, Never in Doubt

I have discussed two articles from the web site Medical Voices, one with 9 questions, the other on mumps. There are, I think, 18 web pages of articles about vaccines on that web site. I am uncertain as to the true number of pages of information as the navigation buttons at the bottom of the pages do not always seem to function...

/ June 18, 2010

“Medical Voices” on vaccines: Brave, brave Sir Robin…

Antivaxers and other pseudoscientific cranks love to challenge science advocates to public debates. It's rarely worth the effort, and I, for one, do not debate cranks. Here's an amusing story of one such challenge, and what happened when the antivaxers making it didn't get the response they expected.

/ May 20, 2010

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Ideology trumps science-based medicine

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (JPANDS) is the official journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). The AAPS tries to represent itself as a legitimate medical professional society, but in reality it promotes antivaccine views, HIV/AIDS denialism, and an Ayn Randian view of the world in which doctors are supermen, Medicare is unconstitutional, and the government should...

/ June 23, 2008