Month: June 2023

A Letter to My Critics: To Refute Me, Stand Up For Your Own Words

Calling me a "lockerdowner" generates likes and retweets from "free-thinkers", but it doesn't refute anything I wrote. Since you obviously need help, I'd like to give you a clear roadmap to refute my ideas. All you have to do is stand up for your own words and make the affirmative case that the purposeful infection of unvaccinated children and young adults was...

/ June 16, 2023

Dubious Autonomic Nervous System Claims

Beware overblown claims that autonomic testing can help almost anything.

/ June 14, 2023
RFK Jr. no saline placebo

Is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. antivaccine? Judge him by his own words!

Last week, an antivaxxer on Substack—where else?—tried to argue that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is not antivaccine by encouraging you to judge him by his own words. I agree. You should judge RFK Jr. by his own words, as they show definitively that he has been antivaccine since at least 2005.

/ June 12, 2023

Three New Studies Show the COVID Vaccines Are Very Safe for Children

Three new studies tell us what we already knew- vaccine isn't perfect, but it's far safer than the virus for children. 

/ June 11, 2023

A Perhaps Not-So-Unexpected Spike in Pediatric Brain Abscesses

The surge in viral infections last year appears to be to blame for a significant increase in cases of brain abscesses in children. They remain rare, and panic is not warranted, but they are a life-threatening complication of common bacterial infections that should be taken seriously.

/ June 9, 2023
artificial intelligence

Homeopathy + AI = Still Nonsense

Artificial Intelligence can't make pseudoscience real

/ June 8, 2023

The Monoclonal Antibody Revolution

Monoclonal antibodies are the medical scientific breakthrough you may never have heard of.

/ June 7, 2023

Pegcetacoplan, a new treatment for macular degeneration

FDA approves a new treatment for macular degeneration: the good, the bad, and the disappointing.

/ June 6, 2023

Steve Kirsch: How “anti-COVID-19 vaccine” antivax often becomes radicalized and just plain antivaccine

Tech bro turned COVID-19 misinformation superspreader and antivaxxer Steve Kirsch has now fully embraced "old school" vaccine-autism conspiracy theories, demonstrating how anti-COVID-19 vaccine antivaxxers frequently become just antivaxxers.

/ June 5, 2023

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Responds to Words I Never Said

My critics lack the courage to accurately quote me. That tells you everything about them and nothing about me.

/ June 4, 2023